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Doylestown Borough Passes 2021 Budget

Doylestown Borough Council unanimously approved a spending plan that includes a slight tax increase for property owners.

Doylestown Borough Passes 2021 Budget

Give The Gift Of Rock

School of Rock Doylestown announces holiday sale 2020 with 25% off all music summer camps.

Give The Gift Of Rock
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|Local Opinion|

It's very sad that we will soon be approaching rationing in hospitals that are nearing full capacity as COVID cases increase. This means our elderly parents and sicker loved ones will be sent home to die in favor of younger people. The increased in COVID is the result of people who refuse to wear masks and social distance. They've congregated in bars and clubs. Even now some Bucks County businesses are willfully disregarding the measures to protect us.

I am sad and angry. I'm wondering when rationing comes if there is any way for exhausted doctors and medical personnel to refuse medical help to people who have willfully disobeyed the law and cry on their Facebook that their privacy is being eroded. Could hospitals hire co-ordinators whose test is to review social media, etc and deny admission to people who refused to take precautions when they arrive for treatment? Employers use it to weed out people applying for jobs. It can be done.

That way, people who've made the right choices can be treated and recover.

|Local Question|

It’s been a difficult year, but what’s something positive you saw in Doylestown in 2020?

|Local Recommendation|

Hi everyone!
Please check out the event section for January 16th ATG Virtual Fundraiser Raffle:


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The virtual raffle draw will be on January 16th. Once you donate you will get a confirmation email with your raffle ticket number and the zoom login info.

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Good luck and happy holidays!

Hi everyone!...
|Local News Tip|

Congress just passed the corona relief and stimulus bill.

|Local Opinion|

Is it just me............or......today while doing the pre-holiday running and errands which included an early morning excursion to the Montgomery Mall, quick stop in Pumpernicks (at a Patch neighbors suggestion), CVS, True Value then the grocery store.....and I was shocked to see, one of the local grocery chain stores had Easter candy on an end cap.

I'm sorry but that's just wrong. According to my calendar, Easter Sunday is April 4th this coming year. Today is December 20th and we still have Christmas, New Years Day, Martin Luther King Day, Valentines Day, President's Day, Black History Month, Daylight Savings Time, and St. Patrick's Day all before Easter.

It's kinda like selling Halloween Candy before Labor Day.

Just my daily rant.

BTW: I haven't been to the mall since pre-Covid. Sad to see so many stores vacant and/or closed. God Bless our retailers.


|Neighbor Post|

Am looking for a local person who fixes appliances. My mother's dryer is on the blink! Any help is greatly appreciated.

|Local News Tip||Edited

I just witnessed a buck run head long into a car in front of CBSD on Weldon. It was horrific. The car dragged the buck underneath for about 50 yards. The poor driver was Ok, but his car was a mess, I think he was in shock. The deer survived but was mangled and struggling. I called 911 but it took more than 20 minutes. Only 2 other people stopped. A saint in a truck, who dragged the dying and frantic animal to the side so all of the fellow citizens who never even slowed down or rolled a window down to check on human or animal as they drove by. Another man talked to the driver. I feel horrible for the driver, the deer, and thankful for the 2 other souls besides myself who tried to help. Besides me, it took 10 minutes for any other human to stop. Everyone else, who drove by--even before the driver emerged, I hope you get coal in your stockings. You deserve scorn. You're awful.

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