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Long Island Hospital Safety Grades 2020: The Best And Worst

Leapfrog recently released a new round of hospital safety grades. Check out where Long Island hospitals stand.

Five Long Island hospitals received "A" grades, according to new fall 2020 ratings released by the Leapfrog Group this week.
Five Long Island hospitals received "A" grades, according to new fall 2020 ratings released by the Leapfrog Group this week. (Shutterstock)

LONG ISLAND, NY — The Leapfrog Group recently released its fall 2020 grades for Long Island hospitals. The organization rates the institutions on a grade from A to F based on their safety standards.

Safety grades are released by the nonprofit organization twice per year, in the spring and the fall. The ratings of more than 2,600 hospitals nationwide focus on accidents, injuries and infections, and help to assess how well a facility prevents medical errors and other harm to patients.

The group determines the hospital grades by looking through safety data reported in 2018 and 2019. The safety grade is the only rating focused entirely on how well hospitals protect patients from preventable errors, accidents, injuries, and infections.

The report does not take into account the strain the coronavirus outbreak is placing on some hospitals where staff are experiencing shortages of drugs and protection equipment.

"We see in the news every day the extraordinary courage of clinicians and staff caring for patients stricken by COVID-19. What's less apparent—yet equally laudable—are the untold efforts behind the scenes to protect patients. Hospitals' commitment to the fundamentals have saved lives too, like preventing infection, ensuring universal hand hygiene, and double and triple checking everything to avoid errors," Leah Binder, president and CEO of The Leapfrog Group stated. "We are grateful for the heroic efforts of hospitals across the Nation and applaud their efforts that are protecting our families."

On Long Island, five hospitals received an "A" grade, two received a "B" grade, 12 received a "C" grade and three received a "D" grade. No Long Island hospitals received an "F" grade.

Across the United States, the latest grades show 34 percent of hospitals nationwide earned an "A" grade while 24 percent earned a "B." Some 35 percent earned a "C" grade, seven percent a "D" and less than one percent received an "F" grade.

Here are the Leapfrog Group's fall 2020 grades for hospitals on Long Island:

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