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Bay Shore Christmas House Lights Up For The Holidays

It's certainly beginning to look like Christmas at one local home, dubbed the "Bay Shore Christmas House."

The "Bay Shore Christmas House" on Avon Place has been bringing some holiday cheer to the area for the past two years.
The "Bay Shore Christmas House" on Avon Place has been bringing some holiday cheer to the area for the past two years. (Photo credit: Mike Murphy)

BAY SHORE, NY — It's certainly looking like Christmas at one Bay Shore home.

The "Bay Shore Christmas House" on Avon Place has been bringing some holiday cheer to the area for the past two years — and this year is no exception.

Mike Murphy started his light show in 2011 when he lived in Lindenhurst. However, this is now his second year running the display since moving to Bay Shore. He was inspired to start the light show thanks to his mom.

"[She] is just as fanatical about Christmas decorating as I am so I just grew up with it," he told Patch. "Since I was a kid I looked forward to owning a home so I could create a big, bright display."

His first year, Murphy only had a handful of lights and some lawn ornaments to decorate his home. Since then, the decorations have grown and the display evolves every year as he adds more lights. Murphy even says he's already planning next year's additions.

But for now, his show is still attracting hundreds.

"I knew if I made it big enough and bright enough people would eventually find it but the response, particularly this year, has certainly exceeded any expectations I had," he said.

With the coronavirus pandemic, many more people are opting for safer and local ways to celebrate the holidays, including finding light shows here on Long Island.

"Since most everyone drives by to view the display it's actually well-suited for the situation we're in," Murphy said. "There aren't many options this year for holiday festivities so I think that has contributed to our increased traffic this year. We're so happy we could provide a little holiday cheer, especially under these circumstances."

The main draw of Murphy's display is the lights that made to look like a giant "Lite Brite" toy. To build this elaborate display, he installed 3,800 bulbs, spaced four inches apart, one by one.

"It's as tedious and time consuming as it sounds but I think the result is worth the effort," he said.

The Bay Shore community seems to agree, as Murphy has received nothing but positive feedback from his neighbors.

"We're on a dead-end so when we bought the house I did have some concerns that the lack of thru traffic meant nobody was going to see it," he said. "But thankfully everyone finds us and we actually have more visitors than we'd ever had in Lindenhurst. The community seems to really enjoy it and I love that we can be a part of their holiday."

The display is available for viewing from 5 p.m. to 11:30 p.m. every night through Jan. 9. Murphy is also accepting donations through the Bay Shore Christmas House Facebook page to the National Canine Cancer Foundation.

All photos courtesy of Mike Murphy

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