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POST 94. December 21, 2020. CORONAVIRUS. “A doctor at an L.A. County public hospital said the number of COVID-19 patients is “increasing exponentially, without an end in sight.”.. “I haven’t done ICU medicine since I was a resident — you don’t want me adjusting your ventilator,” he said. “That’s the challenge, actually — it isn’t so much space, it’s staff…”

“A doctor at an L.A. County public hospital said the number of COVID-19 patients is “increasing exponentially, without an end in sight.”
Many parts of that hospital are being converted to COVID-19 wards, and ICU teams are being staffed up with workers from other departments that are temporarily halting services. The doctor, who was not authorized to speak to the media and requested anonymity, said it appears that by early January, the hospital will have to begin rationing care….
Already, UCLA Health is scheduling multiple infectious-disease doctors to be on call at any time, due to the unprecedented numbers of COVID-19 patients needing hospitalization, he said. The biggest issue is that hospitals may quickly run out of providers who can administer ICU-level care and will be forced to draft doctors from other specialties.
“I haven’t done ICU medicine since I was a resident — you don’t want me adjusting your ventilator,” he said. “That’s the challenge, actually — it isn’t so much space, it’s staff. It’s the physicians, the nurses, the respiratory therapists, all of the trained people to do that highly specific work that you can’t just pull out of a hat.”…
Many hospitals are preparing for the possibility of rationing care in the coming weeks as the number of patients exceeds their staffs’ abilities to care for them. A document obtained by The Times, outlining how to allocate resources in a crisis situation, was recently circulated among doctors at the four hospitals run by Los Angeles County.
The guidelines call for a shift in mindset that is unfamiliar to many medical providers. Instead of trying everything to save a patient, the goal during a crisis is to save as many patients as possible, meaning those less likely to survive will not receive the level of care they would have otherwise. In other words, doctors will no longer be pulling out all the stops to save a life but, instead, will be strategizing about how to keep as many people as possible from perishing.” (A)

““I’m not going to sugarcoat this. We are getting crushed," said Dr. Brad Spellberg, chief medical officer at Los Angeles County-USC Medical Center, which has more than 600 beds and is one of the largest in the county.
It's a scene playing out across California. According to state data Friday, all of Southern California and the 12-county San Joaquin Valley to the north had exhausted their regular intensive care unit capacity and some hospitals have begun using “surge" space….,
Spellberg said that every day for the last week at his hospital has begun with no available intensive care beds and a scramble to find room in spaces that don't usually handle critical patients, like post-surgery recovery areas.
Los Angeles County Health Services Director Dr. Christina Ghaly said hospitals “are adding three beds to a room that maybe was a double room, or turning a single room into a double room,” dangerously stretching staff.
John Chapman, president and chief executive at San Antonio Regional Hospital in Upland, said telemetry nurses who monitor vital signs of patients should be overseeing no more than four people but could wind up taking on five or six because of the crush of cases.
“It definitely increases the risk of something going wrong," he said…” (B)

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|Neighbor Post|

For the Holidays, I created a winter wonderland using recycled repurposed items. Plastic containers, glass bottles, food cans, and scraps of dry food! I gave my creation to Ma’s Gourmet so it could be displayed for the joy of the community!

For the Holidays, I created a winter wonderland using recycled...
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Hello, Hoboken! How are conditions where you are in town? Also, if you know of any local businesses open on this snowy day, share here.

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Saturday, December 19th, 2020 is DONOR DAY – we need YOU!
If all you had for Christmas was hunger, you would understand Operation Holiday®.
Operation Holiday® is adopting hundreds of families through donor generosity and giving – providing gifts of joy during the Holidays to needy families, Kindle tablets to at-risk Seniors to prevent COVID-19 related deaths due to lack of access to medical care and providing the homeless with Walmart gift cards to buy food, clothing and toiletries. To-date through the generosity of hundreds of donors who have risen to the call of giving, we have adopted over 100 families, provided Kindles to over 60 Seniors, collected over $2,000 in Walmart gift cards for the homeless, and received $5,000 in our cash donation goal of $75,000. But there’s still so much more work to do.

DONATE, CHANGE LIVES, SHARE, REPEAT with Operation Holiday. One click can change lives: https://www.paypal.com/donate?hosted_button_id=CY9W5LHP2YX5S
(All donations are 100% tax-deductible. We are a 501(c)(3) charitable organization. Tax identification number: 83-1855848)

Saturday, December 19th, 2020 is DONOR DAY – we need YOU!...
|Local News Tip|


Charu Suri, who became the first Indian born jazz composer to premiere original work at Carnegie Hall in December 2019, will debut a new original single, A Little Joy, on YouTube on December 18th, 2020.

She was planning her second headliner concert at the famed Carnegie Hall during the 2020 holiday season, but due to Covid-19 restrictions, was unable to. “At that point we decided that ‘the show must go on,’ and that You Tube and technology does offer us and many other voices, a solution,” said Ms. Suri.

With A Little Joy, Suri hopes to calm and inspire people during a time of anxiety for many around the world. Suri penned the music and lyrics, and draws upon the melodious vocal talents of Danielle Erin Rhodes, with Justin Lee on the double bass, Jay O'Brien on the drums, and Suri on the piano.

In delivering her music to fans through You Tube, Suri joins the scores of artists who have embraced technology to distribute their music and art on a global scale.

Suri also plans to release three new albums in 2021, including a holiday originals, a new jazz album using Indian ragas and Sufi sounds, and a New Age album

Suri recently became a Recording Academy (GRAMMYs) voting member, and has released three albums to date, including The Book of Ragas which blends Indian ragas, a jazz trio and Sufi sounds. The New American Songbook is an ode to a more traditional sound.

A Little Joy will be downloadable on all music platforms including Spotify on January 30th, 2021. Follow her on @CharuSuriMusic on Instagram and @CharuSuriTrio on Facebook, where she performs almost daily.

Suri is a resident of Weehawken, NJ where she lives with her husband and daughter.

Click here for more information from the Charu Suri EPK: https://www.charusuri.com/epk].

For press interviews please contact J.M. de Jesus at Quadrant Two PR: (646) 234-7196 or at PRManJM@gmail.com.

|Local Post|

Patch wants to hear our readers' opinions: Do think kids should get traditional Snow Days off, or should schools try to close any learning gaps with remote class on those days -- or a mix? Do you have special Snow Day memories?

|Neighbor Post|

1:00 snow day!! Should be no remote learning Thursday- let the kids play in the snow- they’ve been stuck
Inside just about this whole year! Let them loose!!!