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New Hampshire State Trooper Shot, Another Man Killed In Dalton

Update: A trooper performing a traffic stop reported being shot at and hit by gunfire. Another man involved in the altercation was killed.

A New Hampshire State trooper on a traffic stop reported shots fired and was hit by gunfire on Dec. 23.
A New Hampshire State trooper on a traffic stop reported shots fired and was hit by gunfire on Dec. 23. ( Jeffrey Hastings)

DALTON, NH — A New Hampshire State trooper reported being shot at by an assailant during a traffic stop in Dalton Wednesday.

Radio traffic indicated the trooper stopped a black vehicle at the intersection of Bridge Hill Road and Route 135 in the North Country town. Moments after he reported stopping the vehicle, the trooper said, "Shots fired ... I have been hit."

A large police response is underway at this time and the trooper is being transported to Littleton Hospital where a DHART medical helicopter has been dispatched.

Based on radio traffic, one civilian was deceased at the scene and three people are being transported to the Littleton Police Department.

Several broadcasts were put out for a "be on the lookout" for a black Lincoln MKX.

Not long after the shooting, the New Hampshire Attorney General's Office announced an investigation into the incident. Officials confirmed the trooper was shot and an adult man was also killed. The trooper is currently in "stable condition," Kate Giaquinto, the director of communications for the attorney general's office, said.

On Twitter, Gov. Chris Sununu said he had made all state resources available to assist with the investigation.

"New Hampshire is praying for our State Trooper injured in the line of duty," he added.

New Hampshire Patch will update this post with more information soon.

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