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Small businesses here in Detroit have been hit hard by the economic impact of the pandemic. Are you trying to shop at more small local businesses this season to help support them in these tough times?

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In breaking news, Detroit Judges shows he is just as corrupt as local election officials. Got it.

|Local Post|

Veteran’s Day is right around the corner. Is there someone in our community who you’d like to honor for their service? Tell us a little bit about them here, and share a photo, too!

|Local Opinion|

Why aren't these doctors forced to turn in the Ferrari's and evicted from their mansions? If they don't want to take care of sick people then they don't deserve any lavish salaries.

|Neighbor Post|

Let's Talk About Death podcast with locally known twin brothers Benny and Nick Capaul has just hit the airwaves! The show talkw taboo topics, like death, in a fun way that works to break the stigma.

Benny and Nick Capaul, who grew up living around and working in a fourth-generation funeral home, are now a funeral director and a grieving psychotherapist.

In a year that has been filled with so much death and hardship due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Capauls know that humor helps us cope and heal. Listeners can send in questions to get answered on future episodes to letstalkaboutdeathpod@gmail.com.

The first two episodes are now streaming for free on Spotify, Apple, Google and other major platforms. A new episode will premier every other Wednesday. If you're not talking about death, you're not living! Listen now at LetsTalkAboutDeathPodcast.com.

Let's Talk About Death podcast with locally known twin...