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|Local Opinion|

And just how do pop up shops help local business ?? They take business away from business who pay rent all year long, not just at Christmas., puff and then they are gone.

|Local Post|

It’s been a difficult year, but what’s something positive you saw in Bel Air in 2020?

|Local Question|

Does anyone in the area sell AVON? Or know anyone that does? I’m new to the area. I know I can just go online but I’d rather shop local and support our own local economy. Thanks!

|Local Question|

Can someone recommend a conscientious, fairly priced handyman. Need a leaking kitchen faucet replaced and dripping bathtub faucet repaired or replaced. Please recommend if you have first hand experience with your recommendation. Thank you for your suggestions.

|Local Question|

Christmas lights cords cut on Fairmont dr.

|Neighbor Post|

Forest Hill Nursery School is still looking for a new home! We've had some great leads, but unfortunately we haven't found the perfect fit just yet.

If you are aware of any institution (place of worship, meeting place, etc.) that may be able to lease FHNS two to three rooms, we would be greatly appreciative of their contact information!

Please visit www.foresthillnurseryschool.com/move for building requirements and more information.

Or, email fhnsmarketing@gmail.com with any questions or leads.

Thank you! ❤

Forest Hill Nursery School is still looking for a new home! We...
|Neighbor Post|

Although we may have our disagreements on patch, we are all neighbors. I wish you all a Merry Christmas and a much better New Year.🎅

|Local Question|

Anyone here who practices witchcraft or anything of the esoteric variety? How would you feel about a Harford county coven?

|Local Question|

I think a frontline direct healthcare worker should have been the first to receive the vaccination not a quality control MD. An example is great but getting it is better. Even Dr Faucci, the greatest educator and example wasn't first. Isn't this typical of Uppe Chesapeake Hospital?

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