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A World In Distress

This year, perhaps more than most, the world experienced every sort of catastrophe – natural and unnatural disaster, violent, nonviolent.

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The CDC is warning against holiday travel this season. Are you still planning to travel or welcome out-of-town guests? If so, what, if any, additional precautions are you taking to protect against COVID-19?

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Carlos E. Sandoval Helps Immigrants

?Immigration Lawyer Carlos E. Sandoval Informs Immigrants that Trump Administration Executive Orders are Overruled by Federal Courts

Carlos E. Sandoval Helps Immigrants
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Locally Based Kira Labs Donating 1 million Tubes of Hand Sanitizer Across South Florida!
Kira Labs is donating 1 million tubes of hand sanitizer to organizations in need, in order to combat the spread of COVID-19 and protect those most vulnerable. This South Florida-based company has already delivered donations to Orange County, the Orlando Airport, Boys & Girls Club of St. Lucie County, and multiple other local organizations. CEO and founder David Rosen is a Florida transplant who has come to embrace the community as his own after starting his business here, and is involved in charitable efforts year round. Groups that are in need and interested in requesting a donation can fill out the form on Kira Lab's site at the following link: https://www.kiralabs.com/donations

Locally Based Kira Labs Donating 1 million Tubes of Hand...
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Wrapping Up 2020 in Miami

The holiday season in the Magic City is unparalleled. These are a few ways to enjoy the holidays here in Miami.

Wrapping Up 2020 in Miami
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Small businesses here in Miami-Dade County have been hit hard by the economic impact of the pandemic. Are you trying to shop at more small local businesses this season to help support them in these tough times? If so, which local businesses do you recommend as good spots for gifts?

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The 19,000 square ft, newly constructed facility is expected to serve 750 patients each year

MIAMI, FL - December 3, 2020 – Residents of Miami-Dade County now have improved access to compassionate end-of-life care through VITAS Healthcare’s newly constructed inpatient hospice unit (IPU) at MedSquare in Kendall, located at 9408 SW 87th Ave., Suite 107, Miami, FL, 33176.

“Miami has been the home of VITAS since its foundation over 40 years ago, and today I’m proud to announce this expansion of patient-centered, comfort-focused services and clinical support in the community that has embraced us from the start,” said Patty Husted, executive vice president of operations for VITAS.

“At VITAS, we are defined by our continued commitment to serve our community by providing compassionate end-of-life care to local patients and their families,” said Husted. “We have deep roots in Miami as we currently serve more than 4,000 hospice patients in Dade and Broward and remain committed to making an impact by providing a suite of services that supports quality of life near the end of life."

Located within walking distance of Baptist Health’s main campus in Kendall, the VITAS IPU’s quiet, homelike environment features 16 private rooms, a shared family room and kitchen, children’s activity area and overnight accommodations for guests. Patients receive high-acuity care, as needed for their individualized care plan, including medicine and nutrition, and modalities to ease pain and other symptoms. The IPU is expected to serve 750 patients annually.

Patients can experience comfort via specialized music therapy, Paw Pals® pet visits and care specific to the needs of veterans near the end of life, including bedside salutes and virtual-reality Honor Flight experiences. Each patient room features a dedicated iPad and smart TV to connect virtually with local and out-of-town family members, live-stream photos and videos, and access relaxation apps. Family members and visitors can access the unit at any time, in adherence with current COVID-19 regulations.

“The Baptist Health South Florida family is glad to welcome our new neighbor and long-time healthcare partner,” said Patricia Rosello, chief executive officer of Baptist Hospital of Miami. “The proximity of the new VITAS IPU ensures that our hospice-eligible patients and their families can experience smooth, timely transitions to end-of-life care that offers comfort, dignity, and quality of life when it’s needed most. We’re looking forward to working more closely with an organization whose efforts and values focus on how to make patients and their families feel safe and at peace during such a difficult time.”

VITAS IPUs offer a temporary home away from home for patients near the end of life when symptoms can no longer be managed in their preferred setting of care. Patients receive 24/7 care from an interdisciplinary VITAS team comprising a physician, nurse, social worker, chaplain, volunteer and bereavement expert. Together, the team attends to the medical, emotional, social and spiritual needs of patients and their families.

From three offices in Miami, VITAS provides high-quality, compassionate care to patients with advanced illness throughout Miami-Dade and Monroe counties. It also operates IPUs at the University of Miami Hospital, Hialeah Hospital, North Shore Medical Center, and Palmetto General Hospital, as well as VITAS Suites at Coral Reef Nursing and Rehabilitation Center.

Healthcare professionals can contact the new IPU at 877.649.9539 for 24/7 referral information or download the VITAS mobile app for secure, one-touch referrals, VITAS locations and interactive hospice eligibility guidelines.

About VITAS® Healthcare
Established in 1978, VITAS Healthcare is a pioneer and leader in the American hospice movement. Headquartered in Miami, Florida, VITAS (pronounced VEE-tahs) operates 49 hospice programs in 14 states (California, Connecticut, Delaware, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Kansas, Missouri, New Jersey, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Texas, Virginia, and Wisconsin) and the District of Columbia. VITAS employs 11,649 professionals who care for patients with advanced illness, primarily in the patients’ homes, and also in the company’s 28 inpatient hospice units as well as in hospitals, nursing homes, and assisted living communities/residential care facilities for the elderly. At the conclusion of the third quarter of 2020, VITAS reported an average daily census of 19,045. Visit www.vitas.com.

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We will be flying in to Miami on 12/13 and then driving to Key Largo to stay for 7 days and then driving back to Miami to stay the night before leaving on 12/21. We are renting a car from Ace and I'm wondering what we should do regarding the tolls? Any advice would be greatly appreciated. The rep I spoke to at Ace said for 2 days of tolls paid they would charge $16.99 a day and with tax it would come to $65.54 for just the 2 days. Taxes must be very high is all I can say! I would think we would actually need 3 days (one to get to Key Largo for Sunday night, one to come back to Miami on Sunday night and then we could have to get on a toll to get back to the airport on Monday morning. They did have a $54.95 flat rate for up to 7 days plus taxes but we will be there for longer than the 7 days. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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I highly recommend Swifto if you ever need a dog walker! You...