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|Local Question|

Since when has the Fairfield Patch become a political forum for right-wing disinformation? I read the Patch to get the latest on local news and updates concerning the town, not to hear political opinions and statements that are blatantly untrue. Is there some way to monitor the site so political statements and misstatements are kept off? There are enough websites that welcome this kind of discourse. I did not think the Patch was one of them.

|Local Question|

Is anyone curious why the two CT Senators felt they were deserving to jump the line for COVID-19 vaccine? I sincerely hope that two deserving elderly constituents who are at risk do not contract the virus and cannot access the vaccine because these two elites felt they should receive the vaccine while they take their month long vacation from legislating. Maybe Blumenthal felt that his service in Vietnam entitled him to receive the vaccine before others. Oh, I forgot he didn't serve in Vietnam just thought he did. Unbelievable that he continues as a Senator from CT.

|Local News Tip||Edited

Eagle Scout Creates a Buzz at the Fairfield Museum and History Center

BSA Troop 90 is pleased to announce our latest Eagle Scout, Adam Jehle!

For Adam’s Eagle Scout Project, he created a garden at the Fairfield Museum and History Center, along with support from Troop 90 and the Sasqua Garden Club.
Inspired by the plight of endangered bee populations, Adam decided to plant a pollinator garden to help them out. “My project really helped me understand the declining bee population crisis and find effective ways to help the environment,” said Adam. “I’m glad I was able to complete this project with the Boy Scouts, since they are an organization who has taught me many things over the years.”

With planning help from the Fairfield Museum, funding from the Sasqua Garden Club, discounts on the pollinator plants from Native Nursery of Fairfield, and the Fairfield Department of Public Works supplying Adam with tools and resources, he was able to help establish a garden that will help future bee colonies flourish.

“Adam is a valuable member of our troop and has worked very hard towards this goal, not only within our troop but through a lot of service to our community,” said Troop 90’s committee chair, Daniela Rhoades. “His Eagle scout project turned out to be a beautiful addition to an important organization in Fairfield. Congratulations to Adam and the Jehle family on this amazing accomplishment!”

The Fairfield Museum and History Center is a vibrant nexus of community life offering dynamic family programs and exhibitions, sparking dialogue and deliberating the challenges of the future. Central to their community-focused mission is a desire to provide important historical context to pressing issues of our time, and to offer a safe, trustworthy environment where multiple perspectives can be heard, and collective solutions explored. Learn more at https://www.fairfieldhistory.org.

BSA Troop 90, sponsored by Greenfield Hill Congregational Church in Fairfield, Connecticut, is a leadership troop in The Connecticut Yankee Council, Pomperaug District. Troop 90 was founded in 1938. Since 1953, the Troop has produced over 100 Eagle Scouts, with an average of four new Eagle Scouts each year from 2007-2018. Troop 90 can be found on Facebook and the web. Want to join us? Visit https://troop90ct.org/join-us.

Eagle Scout Creates a Buzz at the Fairfield Museum and History...
|Local Post|

The CDC is warning against holiday travel this season. Are you still planning to travel or welcome out-of-town guests? If so, what, if any, additional precautions are you taking to protect against COVID-19?

|Local Question||Edited

Looking for help to remove snow in South Pine creek beach area. Any tips?
Please let me know if anyone has any leads for the work to be completed today. Thanks so much.

|Local Question|

I am looking for a house that needs work so I can remodel it, or one ready to be demolished. I will buy on cash with no inspections or appraisal. AS IS. Please let me know if you know anyone ready to sell or you want to sell yours! Happy holidays!

|Local Question|

Anyone know where to sell unused office furniture? Great prices. Pass it along if you know of someone looking to add or upgrade.


|Neighbor Post|

Well just got reassessed. Good news is the house increased in value by 35,000. The bad news after they put in enough affordable housing around me the value should go down.

Fairfield|Neighbor News|

Veterans Day 2020

What would the Greatest Generation say about today?

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