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Varsity Cuts and Who We Are

Stanford University found itself prominently displayed in the Dec. 6 edition of “60 Minutes.”

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Bethnee Haury
In October, I took the train to Washington to attend a symposium about Sand Creek at the National Museum of the American Indian. Even though I grew up the Bay Area and went to a high school whose football team is named the Indians, I didn’t know many. I was able to learn much about one of my ancestors, Woxie Haury whom was Cheyenne.

Bethnee Haury...
|Local News Tip|

For Immediate Release
December 11, 2020
Re: Coronavirus Changes to Christmas Tree Lane 2020

Christmas Tree Lane will be an entirely car-based activity this year, following recently received guidance from the Santa Clara County Health Officer: “It may go forward this year, but only as a car-based activity, and only so long as it follows the rules for car-based events. Everyone occupying the same vehicle must be from the same household, and people must remain in their vehicle at all times.”

Christmas Tree Lane, the traditional decoration of the street and homes along the 1700 and 1800 blocks of Fulton Street in Palo Alto, commences its 80th year on Saturday, December 12 and continues through December 31, 2020. Lights go on at 5 pm and off at 10 pm.

Each year since 1940 (except for one year during WWII) the neighbors along these two blocks of Fulton Street decorate their houses with holiday themed décor, some of which has been passed down from one homeowner to the next. The residents also adorn the street with 72 small Douglas Firs and string them with multi-colored lights. The City of Palo Alto changes the street lamp covers from white to red, and the street is magically transformed into Christmas Tree Lane for nearly three weeks of the Holiday season.

The Christmas Tree Lane tradition started over a 1940 bridge game at the Fulton Street home of Judge Edward Hardy. For the latest news, see ChristmasTreeLane.org.

Christmas Tree Lane has delighted generations of Palo Altans with its genteel and eclectic variety of decorations. From the Santa preparing to drop down the chimney, to mischievous elves and ice skating reindeer, to a star hung high in the boughs of a California Redwood tree, each homeowner makes their own holiday statement.

“The really special thing about Christmas Tree Lane,” says Leslie Berlin, this year’s chair, “is the cooperative, neighborly manner in which folks come together to make it happen. Over decades, it has created a wonderful community on our street.”

Every year, except this coronavirus social-distancing year, the street’s residents have gathered on the Saturday morning of opening day to kick-off the festivities with a coffee and brunch where everyone shares stories and pictures before preparing for the thousands of visitors who have made going down Christmas Tree Lane one of their holiday traditions. Exercising coronavirus precautions, however, there will be no Neighborhood Coffee this year.

“Christmas Tree Lane is a great tradition,” says Berlin. “We hope everyone this year will drive down the Lane to enjoy the holidays.”

Public Relations Contact: Fulton Street resident Bob Harrington, 650 324-1793 BobHarrington@outlook.com

Photos and late breaking news available at ChristmasTreeLane.org

|Local Question|

Why are helicopters circling our neighbourhood? It’s been 30+ minutes at least now....

|Local Post||Edited

Hi Palo Alto Patch readers, we want to know- how do YOU feel about the curfew on gathering that's going into effect in Santa Clara County Saturday? Is it too much, not enough or something else? Let's hear what you have to say here... MORE INFO: http://www.mhsaving.com/california/l...

Hi Palo Alto Patch readers, we want to know- how do YOU feel...
|Local Post|

Are you voting on Election Day? If you run into problems at the polls, please let us know by posting details on the issue here.

|Local Post||Edited

Hello Patch readers,
As ballots start to arrive in your mailbox, we want to know— how do YOU plan on casting your ballot? Will you mail back your ballot, take it to a vote center to drop off in-person or vote completely in-person on or before Election Day?
Share your thoughts on why!
And if you are wanting to vote in person, here is how and where you can do so in California --> http://www.mhsaving.com/california/across-ca/ca-2020-election-voting-person-what-know

Hello Patch readers,...
|Neighbor Post|

Startup Filing Essentials: Federal, State, and Corporate Filings
Louis Lehot, founder of L2 Counsel, P.C


After you have decided to take the plunge and incorporate your new business, the byzantine and time-consuming process of corporate formalities begins. Key documents must be prepared and filed with government agencies. These filings triggered by federal and state corporate, securities, and tax laws may seem daunting but will protect your company from potential legal issues down the road. This post provides a brief overview of what to watch for.

Corporate filings are state-specific
While corporate filings are state-specific, you are not required to incorporate in your home state. The cost to incorporate, tax rates and corporate laws are some of the most important considerations when choosing your location. A corporation doing business outside its state of incorporation must file a qualification to do business in each of those states. You’ll want to check each state for their requirements. For example, a Delaware corporation that does business in California must file to qualify as a foreign corporation and then file an information statement in California within 90 days following the date of incorporation.

Many filing requirements will vary from one state to another, and there will be events in a corporation’s lifecycle that can trigger a filing in most states.
Once you have decided to form your corporation, it’s time to file the charter. If you are filing in Delaware, that charter is referred to as a “certificate of incorporation,” in California, the charter is called “articles of incorporation.” In addition to other matters, the charter sets forth the corporation’s classes of stock, the rights and privileges of those classes of stock, the corporation’s mission, and the agent’s address. As time passes and additional classes or series of stock are authorized, or if the preferences, rights, or privileges of any class or series of stock are changed, amendments will need to be filed to the charter and the new charter may be referred to as an “amended and restated” if the modification is extensive.
• Name, goal, or agent changes: If the corporate name or if the corporation’s business purpose or registered agent is changed or modified, you will need to fill out an amendment to the charter. A domestic (California) or foreign (out–of–state or out–of–country) business entity can change the recorded information by filling the application form with the Secretary of State.
• Taxes: annual statement or report. A certificate of incorporation is filed upon formation with amendments or restatements filed as needed. Additionally, a corporation is required to file an annual report or annual statement, and typically before the corporation’s yearly taxes can be paid. Annual reports or statements can be quickly submitted online.
Federal and state securities, Laws, and the risk of non-compliance
Security is the legal manifestation of ownership or investment in a company, whether denominated in shares of stock, convertible notes, bonds, or debentures. Securities laws exist at both the federal and state levels and are in place to govern the sale and issuance of securities with the primary objective of protecting investors. If a company does not comply with applicable securities laws, there can be serious ramifications for both the company and those involved in marketing the securities, including rescission, damages, and other civil and even criminal penalties. Lack of compliance could also lead to loss of future investment if potential new investors become concerned about historical compliance risk.
Federal and state securities filings. Once your filings are in place to maintain corporate governance standards, it’s time to look at which federal and state securities laws require filings. If a corporation issues security, whether stock, options to purchase stock or compensatory equity awards, warrants, or convertible notes, the corporation must follow both federal and state securities laws.
At the federal level, complying with securities laws requires either registering the issuances or grants of shares with the SEC, which can be a complicated and expensive process.
Corporations can also find an exemption from registration, which is the path most startups and private companies will follow. There are several exemptions available under federal securities laws, with certain exemptions requiring a securities filing:
Form D or not? The SEC requires companies to submit a Form D when it issues securities in a private placement using the safe harbor provided under Regulation D. This includes offerings made under Rule 506, a frequently used securities law exemption. Form D is free to file and quite simple.

Startup Filing Essentials: Federal, State, and Corporate...
|Neighbor Post|

Pizza Dough and Sauces - freshly made to order and delivered

Hi there

We are a local business that has been making freshly made-to-order pizza dough and delicious accompanying sauces for years...


$3/pizza (minimum order of 4)


Garlicky tomato pizza sauce: $5/jar (one jar is enough for 4 pizzas)

Creamy garlic pizza sauce: $8/jar (one jar is enough for 4 pizzas)

Pizza Condiments:

Chili Garlic Oil drizzle: $8/bottle

Garlic Coconut spicy powder sprinkle: $8/bottle

Look forward to sharing our pizza kits with you all; please email us with your orders: PaloAltoPizzaNights@Gmail.com

Abe & Din,

Palo Alto Pizza Nights

Pizza Dough and Sauces - freshly made to order and delivered...